Oh Say Can You See

Colin Kaepernick. Hmm. I had to discuss it with the children, right? Hahaha no. But I did. The discussion went something like this…

Can you tell me 3 reasons, not pertaining to the anthem lyrics, that can justify Mr. Kaepernick’s “stand?” Focusing on oppression in general. Oh and what you say must have occurred on American soil, preferably an issue people are dealing with today.

This is what they came up with:

(They had to be able to elaborate on it and give a concrete example.)

  • Black men and women being killed by police for trivial infractions, if any at all.
  • The situation in East Chicago, Indiana with the lead and arsenic contamination.
  • Housing discrimination based on race.
  • Flint Michigan water crisis
  • Employment discrimination based on race. 
  • Systemic police brutality
  • Education system where opportunities/access to quality education go to the rich
  • Human trafficking
  • Prison industrial complex
  • Dakota Access Pipeline

I had to add something related to food 😊 so I shared about the judge in Florida that said people can’t grow food in their front lawns because it’s “ugly.” 

With ALL that, happy Labor Day!


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