Something Daily

This week I was inspired to post a picture on The FB everyday of something I harvested from our garden that will be on our plate (or cup) to hopefully inspire others to “grow something.” 

I’m on day 3, so how is it going from my end:

  1. It’s the end of the season so fewer pickings but it is A reflection of what we are harvesting. We haven’t done a big end of season haul just yet. This Tx weather. Just going with the flow.
  2. I hope it works. I don’t think I like the daily commitment of posting a new picture. I think I’m more of a summary type girl. Plus I haven’t mentioned what I’m doing so umm yea. Who knows.
  3. Although I am not where I want to be, I am grateful that at least one item a day comes from something we have helped to grow. 
  4. I miss my homegrown onions. 😩 If I could just post a picture of an onion daily. Lol just kidding but we easily use an onion a day. 

I guess that’s it. Here’s to good eatin’!


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