A November Challenge

Take the time this month to accomplish 4 goals you have set for yourself. They can be big or small. Something you have been putting off, something that has previously eluded you, or something new. Just do it. No excuses. 

I’m thinking on mine. So far:

 1. Make crackers. 🙄 I can’t tell you how long this has been on my subconscious to do list… Years.

 2. Make 10 baby hats for charity. This is going to be challenging time and possibly skill-wise. It’s been a minute since I made my needles dance.

 3. …..

 4. ………
*you can pick your own amount.

**feel free to share your attempts &/or accomplishments. Publicly would be great (you may inspire more people than just me) but I also appreciate the personal messages. Whatever you feel comfortable with. 


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