Karate Kid

Do you recall that part in the Karate Kid (older version) when he is tying his headband before the big fight? Well That’s how I felt this morning as I was putting on my headband that didn’t quite match but it’s comfy, one of my favorites and just so happen to be in arm’s reach. I literally wanted to laugh out loud but I didn’t want to wake the natives. It was a little early. So instead I snapped a bathroom selfie 😜😱 and sent to a great friend in a different time zone that i knew would find joy in my preparing for the day feeling strong and powerful like Danielson. (In case you are wondering it was just a regular day over here.)

I often joke that these days I pretty much dress like a kindergartener. You know when you wear your favorite stuff regardless of if it matches or not. Well yep, that’s me. And for my lifestyle, thankfully it works most of the time. And when it doesn’t…. In true kindergartener fashion, I make it.


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