November Challenge Update

Hey Now! So, in case you were wondering how this went. In case you are wondering what this thing is November Challenge.

November was a great month for me. A little too jam packed but great. Anyway, the goals were:

  1. Make artisan bread. This turned out to be a great success. Sorry I don’t have any pictures. I only made it once which cranked out 4 loaves. The bread man has taken over this project and I think he has made it twice. The children devour it. I think I only got to taste a small piece of the first loaf. 
  2. The crackers. I went with a cheese cracker recipe because I had saved one from years ago when my children were sad that I banned the consumption of Cheez Its. This project didn’t turn out so well. Edible, they ate them, but I didn’t enjoy the process enough to do it again (any time soon). Plus I couldn’t get my food processor to work after I put all the stuff in so yeah. I didn’t have fun. I will say that I tasted the mixture prior to adding the flour and it was yummy. So I think if I got the consistency of mixture like recipe suggested the final product may have been better. I may try a different type of cracker in the future.πŸ˜‰
  3. 3 day fast…. Loved it!
  4. 10 baby hats for nicu. I failed 😩. I gave myself the goal of 10 thinking I would spend an hour on each hat. So I achieved an underlining goal which is every month I do 10 hours of charity work. The hats took me longer than 10 hours. First there was the how do you do this again. Then I decided to make the hats bigger. I looked at a few fb pages dedicated to donating hats to the nicu and they all seemed to focus on the small babies. I then decided to make mine for the slightly bigger babies because all nicu babies aren’t tiny and still deserve a gift. Anyhow, I finished the actual knitting but my least favorite parts (sewing ends & adding Pom poms) I just didn’t accomplish. I started to force myself to do it late on Nov 30 πŸ™‚ but decided sleep was more important.

I wish I accomplished all my goals, but so much EXTRA stuff got done around here I’m ok with that.

Apologies no pictures. Next time we make artisan bread hopefully there will be a picture. I will ask the bread man to help since he will probably want to show his work. And I’ll post a picture of completed hats. 

That’s it! 

I was asked if I’m doing it again in December. Not really. We have a lot going on but if you want to know 4 things I intend to complete:

  1. Get all our schedules meshed for upcoming semester.
  2. Meeting with my son to decide which books we will read together and what unit studies he is planning for next semester.
  3. Make body butter. It’s that time of year again. 
  4. Mail A Package to a dear friend. I’m kinda slow at the packaging part Especially when a bigger box than the free priority box is needed AND going to the post office. 

Clearing Beds Before First Frost

A portion of the harvest


2 thoughts on “November Challenge Update

  1. Package for a dear friend?….just hoping. I had you on my heart on “Friendsgiving”- leaving out the word Thanks because I was surrounded by loving family and friends and selfishly wished you and yours were with us πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your blog…it keeps me connected to you and vicariously with the earth as well. Loved the picture of the socks and your intention with the NICU hats. Im glad you chose to sleep. XXOO


    1. Hey Stacie! YOU KNOW WE MISS YOU and your crew. I still owe Nia a package. Lol. I have something to put in there for you too. I’m telling you this is not one of my strengths. We had a great day that day as well. It was best I have had in YEARS. Was with my brother. And thanks for the inspiration to keep blogging.


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