Oil Addicts

My name is Erika and I’m an oil addict. It is something that disturbs me and I slip in and out of consciousness about my addiction. When the “issues” surrounding the DAPL (Dakota access pipeline) surfaced I couldn’t help but feel guilty about my part in this problem. 

So here’s 21 ways I intend to help lessen my dependency on oil. To me none of them are as extreme as I could and probably should go, YET they are all steps in the right direction.

  1. Strive to eat more locally sourced foods.
  2. Do even better at maximizing the trips I do take in my car.
  3. Strive to only buy what I need
  4. Buy used when possible
  5. Make my own products when possible. Ingredients may not be locally sourced, but less packaging, lasts longer, get more product and ingredients usually can be used in more than one product.
  6. Try not to use heater unless still cold after layering.
  7. Try not to use ac unless it’s just really hot and Uncomfy. 
  8. Stay away from synthetic fibers
  9. Cutback on our ziplock bag usuage.
  10. Try not to buy garbage bags. 
  11. Just say no to processed foods. Even the “healthy” stuff
  12. Use solar oven more
  13. Try not to use petroleum based products
  14. If in need of medicine use holistic options. Modern meds contain petroleum based products.
  15. Try to opt out of the long receipts (unless needed for taxes). 
  16. Buy in bulk
  17. Make and USE reusable produce bags. Or at very least reuse the plastic ones a few times.
  18. Don’t buy disposable stuff
  19. Encourage my family to use reusable napkins and paper towels
  20. Finally put up that clothesline and use it.
  21. Try to get others to lessen their usuage. 😉


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