Nettles Were My Gateway Tea

I didn’t really drink teas. Just wasn’t my thing. One day I went foraging for nettles with a friend and decided to partake in the harvest. Subtly I felt a difference in my energy levels, cool, but no biggie. I would drink every so often.

Fast forward a move to Tx and major dietary shift. I was jonesing for nettle. Long story somewhat short I started drinking it again and it helped. I then began drinking others.

Here’s my top 5 and why I drink. The list of benefits can go on and on but this is why I drink. 

Nettles: energy

I’ve since learned good for digestion, kills intestinal worms and parasites, rich in iron, promotes healthy heart and arteries, prevents urinary and bladder problems.

Dandelion root & leaf: supports healthy functioning of liver, kidneys, spleen and gallbladder.

Raspberry leaf: all around for women’s reproductive health. 

I dabbled with this one during my childbearing years. 😂 I actually drink it more now. Since I try not to sweeten my herbal infusions I find they all taste better when I add red raspberry to them. 

Borage leaf: I grew this plant and then learned that it strengthens metabolism, diuretic, dissolves mucus, alleviates fatigue, good body cleansing and detoxifying agent.

Lemongrass (now that I grow my own): 
Aids in digestion, diuretic, purify the liver, kidneys, bladder, and pancreas, Increases blood circulation, breaks down mucus, and is an anti-inflammatory. 

I also like bee balm, lemon balm and mints but I use those to enhance water on a nice summer day. That may change as I learn and experiment. 


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