Winter Sowing

Mini-Greenhouses and Stuff
I found this old blog post when looking for information for a friend. It was a great find because so many memories have been lost to computer “issues.” I need to go back and recapture a lot of these photos. Anyway, I was wondering when I started planting in mini-greenhouses. It seems to intrigue many. It amazes me how not many people consider it. I can’t say I came up with the idea on my own. It was a spinoff of my public school education. 

So how did it start, for me:

1. We lived in a Small house and I was Trying to learn how to garden. I read about people with greenhouses, grow rooms, grow lights and knew i didn’t have the resources for all that.

2. I was recycling a bunch of raw milk containers every week and one day it hit me. Let’s garden in these. Everyone did the milk box or jug planting experiment as a child in school, right? And I just combined it with lessons on the water cycle. Once again, everyone learned this in school, right?

The starts were a success. I didn’t think much of it and continued to do it yearly. And still do it. Sometimes I wonder if I will continue once I build a greenhouse. Probably. 

This project also spawned other experiments for me in the yard. Maybe I will blog about some of those… If I can find pictures. My favorite was the gallon water jugs turned into topsy turvies. Y’all remember that gardening crazy (Growing stuff upside down)?

It’s that time of year to winter sow. Click here to learn more. I highly suggest you give it a try. 


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