Blue Vinyl

About a month or so ago I watched this documentary, Blue Vinyl. It was very informative and a little scary. The findings were nothing new in that a widely used product is highly toxic. The producers of it and government know yet choose to do nothing, even sign secrecy agreements, about it because the dollar is worth more than our lives.

A few thoughts that kept coming to my mind while watching:

  1. All these synthetic products are not good.
  2. When you make something you have to think about the full scope and its impact on the environment and us. From production through maintenance through disposal.

We have to start using natural products. I have a long way to go myself so this is not condemnation. It is a reminder to myself and those around me to feel free to help me do my part. Even if we do not totally stop we can all drastically reduce our use/consumption. 

Trailer to Blue Vinyl


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