A Question A Day for 40 Days: Body Of Water 1/40

Although I appreciated all the questions, I believe this one was my favorite.

Question: Based on your current feelings/emotional state of being, if you were a body of water what would you be and why?

Answer: I really like that your questions are aware that we all have seasons in our lives. I would say an estuary because it’s a mix of fresh and salt water. Most time I’m fresh (full of love, ideas, hope, etc) but there is still a tinge of saltiness. Plus they have them in the Bay and despite no longer residing there it is a big part of me who I am.

—-Backstory to these Questions—-

40 isn’t old. Every time I say, or write that, it reminds me of my youth. You know, when the old people would proclaim they are not old. 

40 does seem to possess something special. Magical if you let it.

Nonetheless I was interrogated by an inquisitive youth once my age was discovered. It was rather fun so I decided to extend the invite to a few friends. Ask me a question and i will respond. What I found is that I am getting to know them better simply by the questions they posed. And of course the follow up dialog. It was a fun activity. 

I plan to post a question and answer a day leading up to my 40th birthday. Feel free to answer along. 


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