Black History 2017:Soil Samurai Gardens

Today’s featured Youtuber is Soil Samurai Gardens. I have watched a few of his videos and I think this is my favorite as I had not heard of the toothache plant. As of now, I do not plan to grow it, but appreciate knowing that it exist.

(Spilanthes acmella) Pretty yellow and red cone-shaped flowers and leaves have properties similar to Echinacea; said to enhance the immune system, improve digestion and help nausea. The name toothache plant comes from the numbing properties it produces when the leaves and flowers are chewed, and it is used by many herbalists for this purpose. It is a tender perennial but can be grown as an annual in most areas.
 Check him out. He appears to be just an ordinary guy that has decided to grow his own food. You can too.



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