A Question A Day: Memory 10/40

Question: Best memory of each person in your household? Best memory of yourself?

Answer: Best Memories. Are you Fa real? Makes me grateful that I have so many. You do realize these people (children) were with me every where every day for years? The first ones that pop in my mind:

-driving to Austin Tx with Robert laughing tears as he recounted a few events in our life.

–the image that pops in my head is of Aminah as a baby. Big bright eyes with a deep voice always pointing and asking,”what’s that?” She still says that. 🙂 

— I enjoy car rides with Nadia. Great conversations and we geek out to various educational podcasts.

—- hugs. Nasir gives the best hugs. So any time he is hugging me.

—– best memory of me…. great question as I scratch make neck. Hmmm when I was walking down street in SF about two years ago and had some really great revelations. Or when I was in NYC in 1997 and got caught in a summer storm and didn’t give a care because I had natural hair and was able to totally bask in that moment. 


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