A Question A Day: Cali 33/40

Question: What are 40 things you miss about California?


Answer: Forty? 40? Really?!?!?!! Generally speaking it’s the terrain, family and friends but since I have to list 40 I guess I have to be more specific.

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. My 2 favorite trails, affectionately known as The Big Hill and Small Hill.
  4. see point 3
  5. Inspiration Point
  6. Golden Gate Bridge Trail
  7. Tide pooling spot
  8. Santa Cruz
  9. Half Moon Bay
  10. Cherry Picking
  11. This trail in Berkeley (I don’t know the name)
  12. Pigeon Point
  13. Grand Lake Farmer’s Market
  14. Lotus Thai
  15. The weather
  16. Berkeley Flea Market
  17. Stone Mountain and Daughters
  18. Muir Woods
  19. Street sweeping
  20. High bridge tolls
  21. farmers’ market in general
  22. Lake Merritt
  23. Lake Chabot
  24. Joaquin Miller Park (the stairs)
  25. Tilden Park
  26. Telegraph Ave
  27. Folks growing food in the cracks of streets (whatever space they have available)
  29. Robert’s Park
  30. all the hiking trails I haven’t gotten to explore yet (there are so many)
  31. even though we are past the park stage The Bay has really nice parks and I miss passing by them and being flooded with memories
  32. The Stairs at Lake Merritt
  33. San Leandro Marina (NOT ON A HOLIDAY)
  34. Alameda “beach”
  35. Yoga College of India
  36. living in a bike friendly city
  37. broader selection of activities for my children
  38. Monterey
  39. Point Reyes
  40. Urban Ore

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