A Question A Day: Different 40/40

I posed this question to myself: How will 40 be different?


If I had to give this segment of my life a theme I would go with Permission.

Permission To Be Free!

I am giving myself the permission to…

  • Take my health more seriously focusing on the mental, spiritual and physical.
  • To rest when I’m tired, exhausted or just want to.
  • To enjoy the foods I choose to eat–the good and the bad.
  • To change my mind
  • To Explore
  • To Fail
  • To Veg out to movies/documentaries more often
  • To be vulnerable
  • To take days off (to veg out with a good book)
  • To suceed
  • To take long walks in the park barefoot when i have other stuff to do but this is what my mind, body and spirit is calling for.
  • To release the “hippie” in me. As one of my friends tell me, “just let her out.”
  • To not hide my joy, silliness, and smile
  • To embrace spontaneity (again) despite farm life and schedules (wish me luck)
  • To celebrate the best parts of me
  • To speak lovingly to myself
  • To unleash my creative side (take/make the time to bring these ideas to fruition)
  • To isolate so I can recharge
  • To be gentle to myself
  • To have the courage to speak when something isn’t working for me

I can’t say (write) that it is some magic and I wake up on my 40th bday and all these things have miraculously changed. What I can say is that I am officially giving my permission to be free and may this list that just flowed off the top of my dome help guide me.


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