😱It’s Been Two Years😱

My son just reminded me our two year anniversary just passed. It kinda sorta crept up on me. Soo I guess I will do a quick blog post on my favorite tools this past year.

  1. Manure Fork 
  2. Wheelbarrow
  3. Truck
  4. hori hori
  5. rake
  6. Drill
  7. washing machine
  8. slow cooker
  9. Sawzall saved the day a few times 



5 thoughts on “😱It’s Been Two Years😱

  1. What an awesome list! I’m still on the hunt for my own sawzall and been trying to convince the kids to buy a hori-hori for my husband for Father’s day. (That I can borrow 😉 or matching ones 😄)
    It really looks like one can get alot planted without disturbing the soil so much with that tool. Plus It’s nice to have your own though. I surely couldn’t do what I do without some of the ones you listed and my family to help.

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  2. Thought I should mention I purchased hour hori new. But thus far from pawn shop sawzall, corded, drill, manure Fork, and this odd shovel that I loved when digging holes to plant trees.


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