20 Hours

This week I challenge you to find 20 hours to dedicate to something that will help you be a better you. It can be towards your business, starting a business, bringing an idea into reality, getting more organized, etc.

So look at your appointment book and schedule that 20 hours in to work on your project.


2 thoughts on “20 Hours

    1. When I first started doing this I tried to look at it daily as well. However, I’ve found that what works for me is to look at my schedule on a weekly basis if you have a fluctuating schedule or more time on weekends. For instance if off on weekends and able to put in 8 hours/day that’s already 16 hours in 2 days.
      Oh another thing is to think about a specific goal. Then the best way to achieve. Time spent can be counted from research (including YouTube videos and blogs 😊 on the subject), interviews, if a business visiting an existing one, etc etc. dividing by what you must do during the day vs what can be done at night.
      I got a few emails saying how 20 hours is a lot. I can’t say it’s not challenging some weeks, but it is doable.


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