I Took The Responsibility 

 I accepted the responsibility to educate my children while permitting them some say in the process and now we (they) have to live with and make the best of those decisions.What does that mean or look like for them? We are figuring that out now. The older two are still not officially done with high school, but both are full time students at a Jc and doing very well academically. Will they graduate with an AA despite having taken enough classes to obtain one? NOPE. My husband and I didn’t like the BS classes required to get one. And really, Wtf is an AA? When my daughter was interested in getting one since she was on track with all those science classes we were open to it. Then we looked at all those unnecessary classes to get one and aside from her not being interested in many of them, NO ONE could tell me how they truly related to the AA. And the curriculum. 🙄 So yet again we got a whiff of the traditional American school system where people just accept and go with the flow and we chose to opt out. 

At this point in their lives, in all avenues, I am keenly aware that I have made certain choices for them that in many ways have went against what everyone else is doing. I stand by them and honor the fact that 


*Academically speaking, the older 2 are much more advanced than me and I’m working on the third. That was/is the goal, not validation from a system I don’t believe in. May my children help to make my choices worth it. Whatever that means. 🤔


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