The Onion Harvest 2017

I planted onions from sets. I can’t say that I purchased the cheapest or the most expensive. I know I spent $27.95 on the sets. From that I harvested 91.5lbs of onions. Excluding labor that means about .31/lb. I called my local natural food store and sweet onions are $1.39/lb, red $1.59/lb, white $2.39/lb, and yellow $1.29/lb. When I weighed mine (white, yellow, sweet and red) I did not separate by variety. I just rounded them up from the various spots they were planted in. Maybe next time I will so that I can give a better comparison. However, I paid the same price for each variety but at market you can see the various varieties command a different price.

Anyway, the point is:

  1. growing your own is more cost effective
  2. I have more control over my food source (varieties planted, soil grown in, water and love given).

*if you start from seed the cost will be even cheaper.

** I had a decent amount of small bulbs this year, so If given the proper space in the garden I think I could have gotten even more bang for my buck. The onions placed in proper beds were much better formed.


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