A Question A Day: Products 29/40

Question: What body care products do you make for your family? Answer: I can’t say that I am consistent in this area but I know how to make a few different kinds of toothpaste, deodorant, body butter, lip balm, and laundry detergent. I think that’s it. detergent toothpaste remineralizing toothpaste body butter  

A Question A Day: Admire 28/40

Question: Someone you admire Answer: Dr. Bronner. In short, many thought he was bat shit crazy but his product was and continues to be so dope people buy it anyway.  Produce something so great and beneficial that people don’t have to like you to support you. Your product stands on its own. 

A Question A Day: Fear 24/40

Question: What is your biggest fear? Answer: Truth be told I have a fear of constipation. Thank God I have never been. I’m not sure when and how this came into my realm of thinking. I’m leaning towards postpartum. You know when they give you the stool softeners?